Admission FAQ

General information

  • You may be contacted by staff from CQ Surgeons and the hospital prior to surgery before your hospital admission. Should you have a preferred anaesthetist, please let CQ Surgeons know. If you have questions about the fee charged by other health professionals in your treatment, please contact them directly. CQ Surgeons will provide you with the relevant contact details upon request.
  • Admission forms need to be completed prior to your admission date. You may choose to complete an online admission form below, or obtain an admission booklet from the Hospital reception.



  • Generally you can continue all regular medications on the day of your procedure or surgery. Please confirm with Dr Ming Ho if you take potent anticoagulants (Warfarin, Clopidogrel, Apixaban, Rivaroxaban, Dabigatran), or if you are diabetic taking insulin or SGLT2 inhibitors such as medication of the gliflozin group.


  • You need to be fasted at least SIX (6) hours for your procedure to reduce aspiration risk during anaesthesia. Generally, for procedure in the morning, you need to fast from midnight; for procedure in the afternoon, you need to fast from 0600. Small sips of water during fasting are okay. Chewing gum should NOT be consumed during fasting.

Length of stay

  • Majority of procedures, including endoscopy, hernia, gallbladder, perianal, skin and breast operations, are performed as day surgery, i.e., you do not need to stay in hospital overnight. Please clarify with Dr Ming Ho if any queries.

Going home

  • You may need to organise an escort after your procedure. You cannot drive or use machinery the day after you have anaesthesia. You will also require an adult to be with you the night after you have anaesthesia. You might need to stay in hospital for an extra night if you live alone to ensure your safety.

Follow up

  • Dr Ming Ho will inform you the required follow up. Surgical follow up in clinic does not incur charges. Please clarify with CQ Surgeons if any queries.

How do I prepare for my colonoscopy?

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How do I prepare for my gastroscopy?

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